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What is Self Storage?

The easiest way to think of our self storage facility is as a smart hotel for your possessions! Like hotels, self storage facilities provide you with your own private self contained room, in a safe and secure environment. The storage rooms are arranged off wide aisles with large easy access doors secured by your own personal padlock.

You will have unlimited access to your storage room during our long opening hours using your own personal PIN code to access the building, and only you have access to your storage room using your own padlock and key.

Additional security includes 24/7 digital CCTV, and monitored fire alarm and intruder alarm systems.

We have a wide range of over 18 storage room sizes and over 327 storage rooms available from a 15 sq ft (large cupboard) through to a 250 sq ft (double garage). Store-It Self Storage will help you to select the correct size storage room to suit your individual requirements.

Once you have signed our simple storage licence agreement you can move in immediately, and you have use of our lift, trolleys and sack trucks to enhance your storage experience.

Self storage also gives you flexibility, store for as little or as long as you want. You can also upsize or downsize your storage room depending on your requirements – and availability of course.

When you move into Store It Self Storage on the Isle of Wight you can feel confident that your belongings are clean and dry, safe and secure.

Self Storage Hints and Tips!

When you are planning your removal and storage requirements the guide below will help you make the most of your unit and avoid mishaps and mistakes

Hints and Tips to help you get the most out of your Self Storage Experience

  • Pack your possessions into good quality double walled storage boxes – We sell everything you need in store!
  • Choose the correct box, fill it, but don’t overfill it, this is likely to split the box or make it unsuitable for stacking in your storage room
  • Pack heavy items like books and files into smaller boxes so they are easier to lift. Mark them as “Heavy”
  • Label or number all boxes for reference and stack them with the label on view. Keep a record/inventory of what you have packed and stored.
  • Protect all your fragile items using bubble wrap within a sturdy box if possible
  • Remove all perishable and flammable items such as food, batteries, oil, petrol, white spirit
  • Ensure your possessions are clean and dry, drain and wipe down fridges, freezers and washing machines and leave open for ventilation
  • Plan your unit. Utilise all the space in your storage room. Try to maximise the height in the room by putting lighter, fragile or bulky items on top
  • Leave the items you may require more frequently until last so they are close to the door
  • Store the heavy bulky items first at the back of the unit to provide a good base. Put the lighter items on top
  • To maximise space, stack similar size boxes together
  • Do not place heavy goods on mattresses or settees
  • Stack chairs seat to seat
  • For ventilation purposes try to leave a space on the outside walls
  • Stand mattresses on end
  • Place dust sheets or protective covering over soft furnishings
  • Use dust sheets to cover your possessions


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